It was a perfect weekend

In cooperation with the Grand Rapids Historical Society, we ran a huge cemetery walk at historic Fulton Street Cemetery this past weekend, September 6 & 7.  Over the course of two days, and four walks, more than 800 people were introduced to the history and art present in the oldest cemetery in the City of Grand Rapids.  Highlights included the history of the cemetery beginning in 1838, and stops at the markers of a number of important players in the early history of the city, including John Ball, Joel Guild, Abram Pike, William ‘Deacon’ Haldane and Charles Comstock.  We were able to look at a  variety of early markers that illustrate the cultural and artistic development of the late Victorian era, and really demonstrate the great changes that were occurring in the mid and late 19th century in the American view of the end of life.

My thanks to all who were able to attend, and especially to the Trustees of the Society who, as usual put forth tremendous effort to make the event a success for everyone.